Google promises “future of gaming” in GDC teaser

Google is definitely entering the gaming space, and they apparently plan to do so in a big way. The company released a teaser video on Tuesday where they promise to unveil their “vision for the future of gaming” at GDC next week.

The video is light on details, but it seems to show various scenes featuring sci-fi and fantasy settings, sports tunnels like you’d see in a Madden game, and the backstage of what could be a Guitar Hero concert venue with a light beckoning users to come forward. These are all popular video game genres, and while it’s vague in presentation, you can basically fill in the blanks.

The official unveiling is set for GDC 2019, which takes place next week in San Francisco. Google’s GDC keynote address where they will make their gaming announcement is on March 19 at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific.

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Here’s what else we know so far:

Google recently completed a beta test for its Project Stream service, which allows gamers to stream graphically-intensive games through Chrome. The company demonstrated that it can stream games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey over the cloud with their servers doing all of the heavy lifting, basically negating the need for high-end hardware on the user’s end, such as a gaming PC or console. The service just requires a browser and a speedy internet connection.

Over the weekend, we reported on a US patent filing for a new Google controller. The patent details how the controller can be used to pair with a specific user account (i.e. your Google account), eliminating the need for manually entering a username and password. It also mentions that the controller may allow for users to store personal preferences such as key bindings, volume level, and even display brightness.

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