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Google purchases Journey to the Savage Planet developer Typhoon Studios

Google just announced the acquisition of Typhoon Studios, the developers behind the upcoming Journey to the Savage Planet.

Google says that Typhoon Studios will continue to work on the launch of Journey to the Savage Planet for multiple platforms. It is scheduled for release on PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One on January 28, 2020.

The colorful first-person adventure game has you dropped onto an uncharted planet with little equipment. Your goal is to explore, catalog, and determine if the planet is suitable for human life.

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“Under the leadership of its co-founders, Reid Schneider and Alex Hutchinson, Typhoon Studios has built an incredible team of industry veterans who are committed to the player experience,” said Jade Raymond, VP and Head of Stadia Games & Entertainment.

Google Stadia launched last month. The platform allows players to stream games in up to 4K resolution over a high-speed internet connection without needing advanced hardware. You also do not have to wait for a download.

The Google Stadia launch lineup included 22 games with more planned before the end of the year. Just this week, we saw the release of Borderlands 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Google Stadia.