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Google Stadia controllers may get unlocked for use via Bluetooth

Google Stadia Controller

Google Stadia is on borrowed time, but the controller may live on after all thanks to Bluetooth.

Last week, Google officially announced the shutdown of Stadia. The online game streaming service will shutter its digital doors on January 18, 2023. Although Google is refunding games and add-ons, players will lose access to their game libraries in just a few short months.

Despite this avalanche of problems, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. We remind our readers that Stadia was advertised to be used through Google’s own Stadia controller. It’s a controller that was sold for $69, which was locked for exclusive use on this streaming platform.

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After the closure of the platform, millions of Stadia controllers would be rendered obsolete because they were locked by Google. Therefore, the Stadia community has requested the unlocking of the controller to be used on other platforms or even on mobile phones.

Although it seemed that such requests would remain simply in tweets, a user on Reddit has shared a response from the team behind Stadia. Reddit user TheOneWhoWill has shared a screenshot of a response from the Google Stadia Customer Care Team to the problem of unlocking the controller.

In this response, a member of this team reflects that they have received “many requests about making the Stadia controller work on Bluetooth.” But, we can highlight, that this feedback will be taken into account by looking at the possibilities of releasing firmware to unlock the Stadia controller. So we could finally see a solution to one of the major problems brought about due to Stadia’s impending closure.