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Gordian Quest launches Act III: The Faded Peaks update

Gordian Quest Act III: The Faded Peaks

The Gordian Quest Act III: The Faded Peaks update adds a new exciting story along with PvP and more.

Mixed Realms, a Singapore-based indie studio, has announced the release of the latest major update for Gordian Quest, a roguelite party-based deck-building RPG.

An engaging party-based deck-building RPG

Gordian Quest is an intriguing alternative to Slay the Spire, a game that emerged from Early Access last year and won over both critics and fans. In this Mixed Realms game, we will have a variety of heroes, each with their own set of cards and abilities that we can use in our battles.

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Each of them evolves independently and can form combinations by forming relationships with other characters as we make decisions throughout the adventure. Furthermore, as we explore dungeons and clear the world of monsters, we can equip each hero with unique weapons and enchantments.

Act III: The Faded Peaks

As previously stated, the new Act III update introduces an intriguing new story and is the third of four planned updates by the Singapore studio. As your parties travel to the icy mountains of the Faded Peaks, the game will receive new enemies, locations, NPCs, quests, and gameplay mechanics.

Gordian Quest Act III: The Faded Peaks

In addition, a new PvP mode will be added to the game. Compete against other players in the competitive Skirmish PvP Mode, where you will play 1v1 matches pitting your team of three heroes against your opponents’ team of three heroes.

Gordian Quest is now available for PC through Steam Early Access with a special 30% discount until November 1. Act III: The Faded Peaks is completely free for those who own the game.

Watch the game’s trailer down below!