GTA VI rumours
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Grand Theft Auto VI may introduce Latina lead character in Miami setting

GTA VI rumours

In addition, one of the game’s locations could be based in Miami.

The mystery of Grand Theft Auto VI is still present. As Rockstar has always done, they have been able to hide very well the information about their next game. Even so, game leaks are the order of the day. That’s why, in these last two months, we have seen so many rumors about the game.

However, what has been happening in the last two weeks has been very revealing – the supposed release date in late 2023, different locations, and more. But, what Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has “confirmed” has stirred up the gaming community. Not only the Miami location has been confirmed but also “confirmation” of a supposed Latina female protagonist.

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A new female character leads the change to adapt to today’s society

The GTA franchise has undergone many changes over the years. Grand Theft Auto V has far exceeded the expectations of even a massive franchise like GTA, and it has been noticed in the industry. It has broken almost every industry record and continues to position itself as one of the best-selling games in different locations. All of this is thanks to the many changes that were brought in this installment: three characters, a larger map, an online mode (GTA Online) with lots of content, and more.

With the next installment of GTA just around the corner, even more changes are expected in the franchise. But it seems that instead of following that line of absurd humor that all the games have had, changes are planned to adapt to today’s society. Among the most rumored changes are the reduction of misogynistic jokes, reduction of nudity, and removal of any cases of transphobic insults. However, Jason Schreier has “confirmed” a rumor that has been rumored for a long time. (We keep putting it in quotes because the company has not confirmed it.)

Following this line of adaptation to today’s society, the inclusion of a female character in the saga has been rumored. Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier mentioned in an article today that we will indeed see a female character. This female character, whose name is not yet known, will have Cuban nationality. It would be the first protagonist in the GTA series of Latina origin and female gender.

Schreier has also confirmed that there will not be three characters in GTA VI but two. Characters that will have a kind of story based on the classic story of Bonny and Clyde. In addition, he has commented that the developers will be much more cautious at the time of making jokes about marginalized groups. So, clearly, we will see a much bigger twist than previously thought between GTA V and GTA VI.

The biggest map in the entire Grand Theft Auto series

Also, in the information shared today, it is said that the game is gigantic – even more than what we saw in GTA V. But Schreier has commented that Rockstar has cut its ambitions. The map of GTA VI will be much larger than previous installments but will once again have a fictional version of Miami. This has made the rumors of another Grand Theft Auto: Vice City make sense. (GTA V revisited Los Santos, the classic city first introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.)

In addition to this, GTA VI will feature different indoor locations, making almost the entire map (buildings, houses, stores, warehouses, and more) accessible. It is something that could give even greater scope for main and side missions.

But, as expected, Schreier did not talk about the release date. This remains an unknown for many; shareholders are keenly aware that this date has repeatedly changed. There was even a strong rumor late last year that GTA VI had a release date of 2021, as the game was being developed in conjunction with GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hopefully, as time goes on, more information about the new installment of Grand Theft Auto will continue to get revealed. In this way, it can satiate the craving of many fans who are waiting for some official information from Rockstar Games. In the meantime, you can follow us to find out everything related to Grand Theft Auto VI.