Grandia II Anniversary Edition Lands on PC

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Grandia II

One of the highest rated RPGs of the early 2000s is out now on PC.

Grandia II Anniversary Edition is a remastered version of the Dreamcast classic. The game has seen its graphics upgraded with improved textures, lighting and shadows. The Anniversary Edition also supports Steam Achievements, cloud saves, remapable keyboard and controller support, Japanese voice acting, and a new difficulty level for hardcore gamers.

Grandia II is considered the best RPG on Dreamcast with unique characters, mature storytelling, memorable music and a good battle system. Players take on the role of a hardened mercenary named Ryudo and go on an epic journey in a quest to find a legendary weapon.

The game was developed by Game Arts and originally released on Dreamcast in 2000. The Anniversary Edition is available now on Steam and for a sale price $14.99.

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