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Grounded, Nowhere Prophet now available on Xbox Game Pass


Two new games have been added to Xbox Game Pass: Grounded and Nowhere Prophet.

Grounded is a survival adventure game from developer Obsidian. The game is currently in Early Access. Meanwhile, Nowhere Prophet is a deckbuilding card game with an Indian flavor. The games were previously confirmed for the service.

Here are more details on both games from Xbox Wire:

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In Grounded, players wake up in a suburban backyard after being mysteriously shrunken to the size of an ant. Guided by a robot named BURG.L, players must explore, build, and survive while confronting the dangers and perils that come with suddenly being insect sized. Play single-player or co-op with friends as Max, Pete, Willow, or Hoops, and be sure to watch out for those pesky spiders.

Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet sees you crossing a post-apocalyptic wasteland on the far-off planet Soma, where bandits and madmen constantly fight for the last few scraps.  At the end of this world lies the mysterious Crypt, which promises safety and prosperity for you and your band of followers – each of which is a companion you carry with you as a card, able to be wounded or killed along the way. Can you keep your followers safe along this treacherous trail?

Nowhere Prophet is a single-player, deckbuilding card game with procedurally generated maps, a high difficulty curve and permadeath. Only the best can survive each test, and very few make it all the way to the crypt. Each member of your deck that you collect, buy or trade is either a human being, a loyal beast or a machine built to aid you cross the wasteland, each one carrying their own name and affiliations. Be careful getting attached though, if these suffer two consecutive wounds they’ll die, and be removed from your convoy forever.


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