GTA V raytracing
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GTA 5 ray-tracing reflections added in latest update for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X

GTA V raytracing

It’s a change that has gone under the radar.

When Rockstar announced the version of the game for the new generation consoles, it seemed that the main focus would be on performance. But, really, the focus on the part of Rockstar has been to squeeze the most of the graphics power of these consoles. Therefore, the use of ray tracing was going to be much more important than the rest.

Even so, in the beginning, this was not true. But, after the arrival of the Los Santos Drug Wars update, it seems to have changed. The game, in a surprising way, has received a remarkable update in the use of ray-tracing that has arrived “hidden” after this last update.

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New reflections and better use of ray-tracing processes

When the update of the enhanced version of GTA V for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series X|S was announced, it was mentioned that it would use ray-tracing technology. Initially, with what these consoles could achieve with this technology, the bar was set very high. But, after the update arrived, it all fell apart.

GTA V raytracing

The performance and use of ray tracing were very poor. We could even say that it was almost inappreciable. Players criticized it. Even the most famous Rockstar fan forums were full of comparisons of the game with ray-tracing on and off. And, although it was thought that this would remain so, surprisingly, the latest update has changed things.

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After the Los Santos Drug Wars update, graphical changes were added in a stealth way that directly affect this technology. YouTube user GTASeriesVideos has shared a short video showing some of the changes that have been made to this new technology.

As can be seen in the video, the reflections in the crystals and how they react to light have been improved. Also, as we can see in the tweet, the reflections in both car paints as well as the paint scratches on the street have been improved as well. These surprising changes do not add content directly to the game, but fans of the graphical aspect of video games will appreciate it.

Watch the comparison video from the new ray-tracing additions to GTA V down below!

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