GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars launches today

GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars launches today

A new story with six missions that will get you hooked once again on GTA Online

With Grand Theft Auto VI still in development, Rockstar is not holding back and continues to release content for GTA V. New missions, seasonal events, new vehicles, and more keep being introduced into the game. But Rockstar, with the new update released today, plans to start a new story! It’s called GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars.

Los Santos Drug Wars is the new update coming to the online mode of GTA V. This update comes with six new missions, new vehicles, in-game items, and more! Without a doubt, it’s the perfect update for fans of Lester’s original missions from the original game.

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A new story?

It sounds strange but Rockstar plans to give a second life to GTA Online. Although it seems a strange thing to say, the release of GTA VI is not yet on the horizon. Therefore, Rockstar plans to offer players some more content so that the fun never ends. That’s why the American company has released today a new update called Los Santos Drug Wars.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars

This update instead of following Rockstar’s methodology in previous updates presents a new story. Where we will play with a whole new group of characters led by Dax. Dax plans to get rich and top the list of criminals in San Andreas. But to achieve this, he needs our help and his gang called Fooligans. All this is spread over six missions full of fun and content.

In addition to these missions, to follow the theme, new clothes and tattoos have been added to be in tune. Improvements have also been added to the gameplay experience such as increased payouts for smuggling missions; doing solo casino story missions; and more. Apart from this, a new race creator has been added that will only come to the new generation of consoles.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also five new vehicles with a unique essence that fit perfectly with Los Santos Drug Wars. Despite having introduced a large amount of content, this is simply the first chapter of this new story. Rockstar plans to add the continuation of this update in the coming months. In the meantime, it’s up to us to enjoy this great update.

Check out the Los Santos Drug Wars trailer below!