GTA VI rumours

GTA VI Leak: Everything we know about Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA VI rumours

Jason and Lucia, more organized heists, character customization, and more

This weekend has been totally crazy. Just when we thought it would be a quiet weekend, Saturday night the internet and the gaming industry went up in flames. A user of the renowned GTAForums, leaked 90 clips of an alpha version of GTA VI.

This has created an avalanche on the internet, not only of massive sharing of the content, but of opinions. Mostly negative from the community. So today, Rockstar has released a statement via Twitter pronouncing to this big problem.

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The most important leak in the history of video games

GTA VI leak

What at first seemed like another leak of lies, turned out to be the biggest we have seen this 2022. We have already talked in the past about what Jason Schreier said, and this past weekend has confirmed all this and more. A GTAForums user by the name of teapotuberhacker has shared over 3GB of clips from the upcoming GTA VI in a post.

The clips have been extracted from an alpha version of the 2019 game. A version that despite resembling many games today, is still very green. If we compare with the alpha and final versions of GTA V, what has been leaked from GTA VI could take a 180-degree turn. Still, we manage to see practically the essence of the game in each of the clips.

But how could all this information be revealed? Teapotuberhacker, is a user who managed to break through the security of Slack servers. Slack is known as the Discord for companies. Thanks to this, teapotuberhacker was able to access not only Rockstar’s Slack server, but also Uber’s. That’s right folks, this user is also the person behind the recent big Uber leak.

Compiling more than 3GBs in clips, the source code of GTA V, and the source code of GTA VI, it has become the most important leak in the gaming industry. The leak was unofficially confirmed yesterday after Take Two Interactive began taking down all links and videos for copyright abuse.

Harsh opinions from the community

The GTA community, as well as other video game fans, lost their minds before such a leak. In the beginning, what could be seen in social networks and Youtube was a Tsunami of all the clips of the leak, and people analyzing them. This way, the excitement and interest of the players to finally know something “official” about GTA VI was noticeable.

But, in a matter of minutes, all the talk turned negative. Many players have commented on how green the game still is. They highlighted that, despite the fact that the game has been in development for some time, the quality of the modeling, certain animations, and an “empty” world, speak very poorly of the game. Others have even been happy that they managed to leake all this, since Rockstar has not announced anything about the next game and have continued milking GTA V so much that they deserved it.

This has made many developers, who are working on the project, feel very bad. Something that is totally understandable, as many players have not seen this as an alpha version, but something more like a beta version. Even so, the goal of the developers is to offer the best possible result in the future when the trailer or teaser of the title will be officially announced.

What has been seen in the leaks?

As expected, the information that has been seen in the leaks is very extensive. They reveal many details of the game that could be considered as “confirmed”, and others that leave a lot of room for speculation. Even so, it should be noted that everything that has been seen is subject to major changes.

Although we can’t share the clips here, due to copyright infringement, we’ve collected a great list of the details we’ve spotted in the GTA VI leaks. These are:

  • There is more than an hour of clips
  • The alpha version is from 2019. Although, you can see in one of the top corners in some clips, that the current version of the Nvidia drivers is being used.
  • The clips were performed on a PS4, and on PC with different Nvidia graphics cards.
  • It will be called Project Americas
  • The characters will be called Jason and Lucia. Jason will be a Redneck, Lucia a Latina woman. It will be based on the popular couple Bonnie & Clyde.
  • There is animation and sound in between character changes.
  • Vice City has been confirmed in posters, police cars, and more, but it looks like there will be more locations.
  • Have been obtained in the source code: horses and hovercraft. Also, it appears in the source code that horses can be screened. This could mean that we could have an everglades area.
  • A mention is made of the Scarface Crime Scene from the mythical GTA: Vice City mission.
  • Accessible buildings with no loading times with activities inside them. We can enter fast food stores, stores, hotels, parties, nightclubs and more, without loading times and with a large number of NPCs.
  • The NPCs walk down the street looking at their cell phones without noticing what is around them.
  • The character will be able to lie on the ground and crawl around
  • The character can only carry a certain amount of weapons as in RDR2. When changing weapons, there are animations where you can see him grab the weapon on his back.
  • Weapons can be picked up from the ground and there is an animation for this.
  • It has been increased the variety of weapons that will be able to be used inside the game.
  • It will be possible to change the physical aspect. It is taken a system of personalization very similar to RDR2 where elements like the beard or the hair will grow with the passage of time.
  • There is the presence of Lifewood Cigarettes, cigarette brand of the GTA universe. But, in addition the character will be able to smoke cigarettes.
  • They mention the GTA V mission where the CEO of LifeInvader is assassinated during a conference.
  • The heist system will see a big change. Following a system similar to RDR2, where we will be able to rob and treat in certain ways to the different NPCs.
  • Also, it will be possible to negotiate with the police when a robbery or arrest is being made.
  • We can appreciate that when the character is being chased by the police, and enters a car, he will not be able to get away quickly. The car will always be recognized by the police through the license plate, color, and model.
  • It seems that it will be possible to equip weapons, equipment, and Gear. Thus giving rise to situations where we have to use some kind of tactical equipment.
  • It will be possible to rent and steal bikes from the bike stations.
  • The vice city subway is modeled. Both the stations and the interior of the cars.
  • The use of medicines and first aid kits have been added. If you lose health, you will be able to recover it using these first aid kits and medicines. Also the system of life recovery by time has been maintained.
  • It will be possible to grab the NPCs during a fight, or discussion as we did in GTA: Vice City Stories.
  • And more!

This has put Rockstar between a rock and a hard place. From what has been seen of the development, I put my hands in the fire saying that we will see its release in less than two years. Perhaps by Christmas 2023. Rockstar may have been aiming for 2024, but this leak could bring its release forward. And boy, do we know all too well about early releases that have been a disaster…. Cyberpunk 2077.

Let’s hope this doesn’t affect the game’s development that much. In us, the hype has grown even more. Hopefully in the next few months we will see the release of a teaser of the game.