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Guardian Tales brings Link to the Past-inspired gameplay to Nintendo Switch

Guardian Tales brings Link to the Past-inspired gameplay to Nintendo Switch

The mobile game Guardian Tales launches on Nintendo Switch today.

Guardian Tales is rolling out on the Nintendo Switch for free today. If you enjoy old-school games like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or Secret of Mana, this fantasy adventure is up your alley.

This game was originally released on Android and iOS devices in 2020. It features pixel art and top-down action-adventure gameplay with charming, retro-styled levels and dungeons for players to explore.

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Guardian Tales on Switch is a brand new experience for those who have not played the mobile version before. Fans can enjoy the game on a larger screen, allowing them to become more immersed in the gameplay. Adding the use of the JoyCon allows for more accessible and detailed gameplay.

The controller customization function also allows players to map the operation button in their style conveniently. Also, unlike the mobile version, Guardians worldwide can meet and compete in a PvP setting on a single server.

Launch rewards

Players who download the game now can expect launch rewards. The following rewards are available to any Switch user who logs in after launch:

  • 100,000 Gold
  • 3,000 Free Gems
  • 100 Free Summons (10 per day)
  • 3 Star Equipment (Fantasy Sword)
  • 2 Star Hero (Aoba)
  • A Rose Knight Costume

After starting Guardian Tales for the Nintendo Switch, players can check and obtain rewards in the [Mail] menu when the player logs in during October.

Launch times

Here’s when you can expect the game to launch based on your time zone:

  • Eastern Time Zone (US): 10 PM on October 3
  • Central Time Zone (US): 9 PM on October 3
  • Pacific Time Zone (US): 8 PM on October 3

Did you play the mobile version? Do you plan on downloading the Switch version? Let us know your thoughts about the game on the forums!