Guerrilla Games has open positions for a new Horizon multiplayer game

Horizon multiplayer game

After many rumors, Guerrilla Games itself confirms the development of a new multiplayer Horizon game.

In many forums and social networks, there has been a rumor in the last months about a new Horizon game, especially since the release of Horizon Forbidden West. But, what seemed to be just rumors and dreams of the fans of the saga, Guerrilla Games has made it come true in an unusual way.

Guerrilla Games has announced through Twitter that they have vacancies for experienced developers and designers for the development of a multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe. This is apparently in addition to the PlayStation VR2 exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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A new online project from Guerrilla

Of the current trending developers, there is one that has been characterized by having an unusual development process for their games. Guerrilla Games has demonstrated with its last two titles that every detail of the development process is very important. Therefore, in order not to overload their team, they are always looking for new talent to make each of their projects a reality.

One of these new projects has been the confirmation of a rumor that was beginning to lose steam among fans and the press. A new game based on the Horizon universe is under development. Therefore, Guerrilla Games has notified their followers on Twitter that they are looking for talent to join the development team in Amsterdam for this new online project.

Guerrilla Games has not given any detailed information about this new “Online Project”. However, the development studio hinted that this new universe-based game will bring a lot of new content. A new cast of characters and a unique design style have been what they have commented on in the first instance. But, what has drawn the most attention was that players will be able to explore the world of Horizon as if it were a Monster Hunter game.

Among the open positions are available in the three most important branches of development: Animation, Design, and Programming. If you have the profile to apply for any of these vacancies, you can do it by clicking here. We hope that the development of this new title will not take too long. But, we can’t lie when we say that a Horizon universe game with Monster Hunter online elements is very attractive.