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Guild Wars Online Store Goes Live

For the millions of gamers worldwide enraptured by the award-winning online roleplaying game, equipping themselves with Guild Wars games and accessories has never been easier. Announced today by ArenaNet, developer of the wildly popular Guild Wars franchise, and NCsoft Corporation, the world’s leading developer and publisher of online computer games, the Guild Wars online store is now open for business.

Players can now download Guild Wars games and accessories from right inside the game, and the digital distribution will enable this content to be used immediately, without the need for downloads or CD installation. The store is initially selling Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions games, as well as additional character slots, the item most-requested by Guild Wars players, which can now be purchased and immediately used on existing player accounts.

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“Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions are the first NCsoft games to be integrated into PlayNC, the NCsoft online store, through a user-friendly in-game purchase option,” said Dorothy Ferguson, VP of sales and marketing for NCsoft North America. “Instant access to purchases gives gamers the stuff they want, without a wait, wrapped in a great shopping experience inside the game.”