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Guilty Gear Isuka Review

Developer: Sammy Studios Publisher: Sammy Studios
Release Date: November 2, 2004 Also On: None

If you have played any other Guilty Gear Games you know your fingers need to be fast, but Guilty Gear Isuka is going to end up making you wish you had another hand completely just to keep up with the insanity of four fighters tearing each other up at the same time. Guilty Gear Isuka keeps with the series’ traditional hardcore 2D fighting action and extremely innovative characters, but expands in ways that revolutionize the series completely with the additions such as up to four fighters fighting in one mach or the new side scrolling Boost Mode.

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Isuka is a shock to your system with its fast pace, but extremely precise control over the massive combos you dish out to your enemies. The controls only get a little sketchy on one feature and that is the changing your direction. In most fighting games you just press over in the direction you wish to face to orient which way your character faces. Well, Isuka breaks away from that traditional way of operating and introduces a slightly different way to do it. In Isuka you have to go through the annoying process of coming to a complete stop and then pressing R1 to face your fighter towards either the left or the right. This really doesn’t sound as inhibiting as it actually is, but once you experience how fast paced the Isuka’s battles are, you realize that it can cause problems. Though once you have had enough battle experience to adapt to this foreign concept the rest of the fighting begins to flow easily.

Bizarre characters have been the standard all throughout the history of the Guilty Gear series. Isuka not only adds three new characters to the series’ already stellar cast, but it introduces Robo Ky II, a completely customizable character. You become the mad scientist with Robo Ky II setting him up with any of the other characters’ moves, with completely new animations and variations that stay true to his robot origins. This allows you to make a character with either the most powerful moves or someone that fits your own unique style of fighting.

Another new addition to the Guilty Gear series is the new Boost Mode. Boost Mode is a side-scrolling fighter that lets you use any of the normal fighters along with Robo Ky II against swarms of enemies and engaging bosses. The Boost Mode sets different goals for each portion of the level such as clearing all the enemies or just trying to target a specific enemy. Boost Mode offers another way to press your skills as it grows progressively more challenging the farther you go through. Isuka brings the fight to you in a way that none of its predecessors have done before. With new additions that will stretch your skills to the max and the ability to let your creative genius go to work customizing Robo Ky II. If you are a fan of the series or love a good 2D fighter than I suggest that you check this one out.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 9
Creativity: 8
Replay Value/Game Length: 8
Final: 8
Written by Andrew Review Guide