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Gunlord X brings 2D run ‘n gun action to PS4 tomorrow

Eastasiasoft is bringing the 2D action-platformer Gunlord X to PS4 tomorrow in North America. A European release is scheduled for December 11.

Gunlord X was originally released as an unlicensed game for Neo Geo and Sega Dreamcast. It comes from the German indie studio NGDEV. An improved version was released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

The game features beautiful retro-inspired pixel art and a high-intensity soundtrack. The 2D run ‘n gun gameplay is mixed with open-world stage design, a wide variety of enemy creatures, and massive boss battles.

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“Blast your way through sprawling landscapes, explore caverns and reveal secrets in retro-inspired style,” the developer says.

Players can look forward to 11 open-world stages that are filled with more than 60 unique creatures, boss battles, and lots of secrets. It will be available digitally only for $9.99.

Watch a trailer for the game below!