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Habroxia 2 is coming in February 2021

Habroxia 2 screenshot

The retro-style shoot ’em up Habroxia is getting a sequel.

Habroxia 2 is an old-school space shooter with upgrades and boss fights. The throwback combines pixel graphics and chiptunes with 2D gameplay. The sequel includes revamped twin-stick controls and branching stages.

You may recall the first game, which we reviewed last year. I called it “Gradius without the challenge,” but I ultimately found it to be a relatively enjoyable experience.

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Eastasiasoft is bringing Habroxia 2 to PC, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on February 3, 2020. The digital version will retail for $9.99. It’s also getting a physical release exclusively through Playasia.

In addition to news about the sequel, Eastasiasoft says that the original game is coming to Xbox One later today. You can buy it at the Microsoft Store for $6.39 with a launch discount.

Watch the sequel’s reveal trailer below!