Hackers Enable Pirated PSP Game Downloads

Hackers have cracked Sony’s PlayStation Portable piracy protections in the United States. The measures are meant to block unauthorized game use on its new handheld device. Hackers have enabled PSP users to download some games from websites onto removable memory sticks and then to insert the games to run on the PSP.

Currently available titles include Mercury, Ubisoft’s Lumines, Konami’s Coded Arms, Taito’s Puzzle Bobble and Sony’s own Intelligent License, according to published reports. The new game duplicating trick works on the PSP’s 1.5 version firmware, which serves as the PSP operating system.

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Groups of hackers are close to releasing new technology that would allow any copied game — rather than the current, limited set — to be played on the PSP, an editor at gaming site PS2NFO.com, who identified himself as “CJ,” said in an e-mail to Reuters on Tuesday.

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