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Half-Life: Alyx gameplay videos reveal VR controls

Half-Life: Alyx

Valve released three new gameplay videos for Half-Life: Alyx just weeks before its planned March 23 launch.

The videos focus more on the gameplay than on the story. And for the first time, Valve is revealing how players will move around the environment. More accurately, players will have four different control options: Blink, Shift, Continuous and Continuous Hand.

Blink will have you teleport to a destination after a screen fade, which is said to be the most comfortable. Meanwhile, Shift will have you teleport across the screen with a “fast linear movement.”

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The other two options are based on your hand or head orientation. Continuous will continuously move Alyx based on your head movement. Lastly, Continuous Hand moves your character based on hand movement.

Half-Life: Alyx was announced unexpectedly as a VR title last November. It’s the first new game in the franchise in twelve years. After you check out the gameplay videos below, be sure to check out the first trailer.