Halo 3 Makes $300M, 360 Sales Only Slightly Up

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Microsoft announced today that Halo 3 sold $300 million in sales for its first week on the market. Early estimates put Halo 3 at around 2.7 to 3 million units sold, 1.7 million alone of which were pre-orders. Last week we reported that Halo 3’s first day sales were $170 million.

“Halo is truly a cultural phenomenon, and the launch of Halo 3 is an important milestone for Xbox 360 and for video games as entertainment and as an art form,” said Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft. “Halo 3 embodies our vision for the future of entertainment, where some of the world’s greatest creative minds will deliver a new generation of interactive storytelling.”

According to preliminary hardware numbers, Halo 3 failed to considerably boost Xbox 360 hardware sales. During the week of Halo 3’s release, Xbox 360 sold an estimated 122,834 units to Wii’s 98,173 units and the Nintendo DS’s 143,137. That’s an increase of nearly 20,000 over the prior week, but does not appear to be enough to beat Wii for the entire month of September. Globally, Wii currently enjoys a 600,000 unit lead over Xbox 360 and nearly 8 million over PS3.