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The multiplayer beta for Halo 5: Guardians received an update Friday, adding a new game mode, maps, weapons and more.

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The two previous maps in Slayer mode, “Truth” and “Empire,” are being rotated out – “Regret” and “Eden” are being introduced, with all players starting each round with a Battle Rifle. The primary power weapon featured in Regret is also new to Halo 5 – the Hydra homing missile launcher.

The new game type in this update, “Breakout” will be added alongside Slayer – Breakout is basically a variation of the traditional rules, with each game split into five separate rounds. Players are limited to one life in each round; the last team standing wins. Three successful rounds earns a team victory. Two new maps are introduced exclusively in this mode – “Crossfire” and “Trench.”

One last point to mention; the Light Rifle from Halo 4 has been re-introduced in the Guardians beta update. Multiplayer Designer Quinn Del Hoyo points out that the Forerunner-based weapon has been altered a bit since its debut in the previous installment. This all but confirms that the Forerunners will yet again appear in Halo 5: Guardians.

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