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Halo: Combat Evolved Review

Developer: Bungie Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: November 15, 2001 Also On: None

Halo, was voted game of the year in 2001 voted by a numerous amount of game sites and magazines such as IGN, Gamestop, EGM, Microsoft (of course they did) and Gamepro, and is in my opinion the greatest first person shooter around today. With an original story line and amazing graphics, Halo blew up the charts selling over 2 million games so far.

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Halo is pretty much simple to play exact first adapting to the movement controls. After that, it’s smooth sailing since you learn how to do everything in the first level. Anybody could pick this up and learn the controls really easy. Halo has four difficulties settings to challenge its players like they never have before. The modes are easy, normal, heroic (Hard), and legendary (which is pretty much the suicide mode of the game where only experts can beat it). It may be rated M but anybody can easily play this blockbuster hit.

The graphics on Halo are as good as anything out there. The main character, the Master Chief, Is as detailed as a soldier in a suit can be. The suit detail from top to bottom even though you only see it in cut scenes. The levels are huge. Everything is detailed down to a single piece of grass. The water flows as it would in real life and you can see the clouds and birds in the sky. Even the enemies are very detailed head to toe. Even the guns and the gore on the ground have detail. You can say the details have their own details. It is just simply amazing the work Bungie put into the game.

Halo has great sound. You can hear vehicles enter the atmosphere and fly above you over head. The guns sound realistic when firing and even you are reloading. The voice acting is almost slim to none though but it doesn’t affect the game in any way since the voice acting is great. So this is good for a game. The background story for Halo is 100% original. You are the master chief defending your fleet and earth from the covenant forces. There may be other First Person Shooters, but none match up to Halo. Good luck competition. Many people will appeal to Halo if they like shoot em’ ups and blowing stuff up. With original story and great game play, you can’t really lose. If you are having doubts of getting this game, shoot yourself. Because this is a game you can’t afford to pass up.

This game has a long life span. You have to beat the game on all difficulty settings which will take at the least 30 hours. Even when you’re done, you will play multiplayer over and over until the next Halo comes out. Even the Campaign is fun to redo over and over because there is always new stuff to find. You will never get bored of the blockbuster hit they call Halo.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 9.5
Creativity: 9
Replay Value/Game Length: 9.5
Final: 9.7
Written by Shawn Review Guide