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Halo Infinite December 2022 Update adds Empyrean, recreated Halo 3 map The Pit

Halo Infinite December 2022 Update adds Empyrean, recreated Halo 3 map The Pit

343 Industries has rebuilt the classic map The Pit from Halo 3.

The Pit is finally available in Halo Infinite! The retro map from Halo 3 was rebuilt in Forge. It’s now known as Empyrean. The new Empyrean map is available in Matchmaking and Custom Games as part of the Halo Infinite December 2022 Update.

Here are more details from 343 Industries via the official Halo blog:

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Empyrean is a reimagining of The Pit, complete with some refreshed aesthetics over its familiar layout, and no expense spared on attention to detail.

For those of you familiar with The Pit (or even its Halo 4 incarnation, Pitfall), you already know the dance. The immediate rush to grab the rocket launcher, the sniper duels atop its two opposing towers, the potential close-quarters perils of the control room—but this time, there are some new notes to be added to this symphony as it comes with the additional layer of Halo Infinite’s gameplay and sandbox features.

How do Halo Infinite’s toys, like its limited-use Equipment, alter some of those dynamics and affect how you traverse the combat dance floor? Maybe the enemy team managed to grab the rockets first, but you went and acquired the Repulsor to protect yourself (and hopefully your teammates as well). We can’t wait to see what new memories are forged in this proving ground!

Lots of new content

In addition to the new map, 343 Industries is adding a number of cosmetics to the game. All present Armor Cores are now available to all players for free including EagleStrike, Mark VII, Mark V [B], Rakshasa, and Yoroi.

There is a decent amount of new content that has come to Halo Infinite in recent months. The Winter Update recently added new Achievements to the game. It adds a total of 24 new achievements that range from single-player to online co-op. Two new multiplayer maps were added in April.

Here’s what I said about the game in my review:

Halo Infinite is a genuine disappointment on multiple levels. The campaign is lackluster and lacks the promised couch co-op. The open-world map is largely devoid of life. The multiplayer is decent, but it’s competing in a saturated market. Although I held out hope, that hope has evaporated.

Halo Infinite launched last year on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The multiplayer is free to play, and the single-player campaign is free to play if you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. You can also play on Android and iOS devices if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and stream from your smartphone.

What do you think of the Halo Infinite December 2022 Update? Do you have fond memories of The Pit map from Halo 3? Let us know on the forums!