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Halo Infinite demake reimagines Xbox Series X game running on N64

Halo Infinite demake

What would Halo Infinite look like as a Nintendo 64 game?

YouTuber Hoolopee put together a demake video, which you can watch below. The video starts with a blocky Master Chief crash landing, just as in the most recent official gameplay trailer. I like the added touch of the Star Fox Arwing and the Super Mario 64 star to give it a little Nintendo flavor.

In comparison, here’s the actual gameplay demo that debuted during the Xbox Games Showcase.

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By the way, if you’re wondering what a ‘demake’ is, it’s a remake of a modern game using obsolete hardware or retro-style graphics. So in this case, it’s an Xbox Series X game reimagined on the N64.

My Take

Personally, I’d love to play this. With all of the talented modders out there, maybe someone will remake the whole game in this style?

What do you think of the Halo Infinite demake? Would you play it?