Halo: MCC Multiplayer Patched Yet Again

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As slick as the Halo: Master Chief Collection remasters have proven to be, the multiplayer experience on Xbox Live has been anything but smooth since the collection’s November 11 launch.

Halo MCC - Multi Update

Just a few short days after the last multiplayer patch, 343 Industries issued yet another patch this afternoon, attempting to correct some of the matchmaking issues that have hampered the Halo re-makes.

According to Halo Waypoint:

This particular content update focuses on matchmaking, parties, custom games, achievements, stability, and more. While this update contains a variety of improvements, we continue to work on additional content updates that will be rolled out to address further issues.

The update is available to anyone with the Master Chief Collection at no charge. You can see the full list of changes in this patch via Halo Waypoint.

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Source: Joystiq