Halo servers shutdown
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Halo says goodbye to Xbox 360 as servers shut down

Halo servers shutdown

Halo‘s run on the Xbox 360 is finally over.

Yes, folks, if you’re an Xbox lover, you might recall the Halo era on the Xbox 360 as one of the best in the series’ history. Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo: Reach multiplayer modes have occupied players for many evenings and hours. Last Monday, 343 Industries announced that the servers for all games released on the Xbox 360 have been shut down after nearly 15 years.

The end of an era

The shutdown of the servers will have a different impact on each game, but practically all of them will lose matchmaking. 343 Industries published a blog post in December 2021, which the firm has since removed, explaining what would be removed from each game. The following are the Xbox 360 features that were retired last week:

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Halo servers shutdown
  • Halo 3 ODST: Matchmaking, File Sharing, Extras
  • Halo 3: Matchmaking, File Sharing
  • Halo 4: Matchmaking, File Sharing, Game Logging, Challenges, Player Customization
  • Halo Reach: Matchmaking, File sharing, Game logging, Challenges, Player customization, Message of the day

Many of the achievements will remain in these games and others launched for the Xbox 360, but those that require online capabilities are now unavailable to players.

Following the announcement that the servers would be shut down, the number of Xbox 360 gamers for these titles has surged. Many of these users were playing in order to earn achievements that were no longer available, in addition to enjoying various games where nostalgia ruled supreme.

For their part, 343 Industries is saying goodbye to the Xbox 360 to focus on a bright future for the franchise on this new generation of consoles with Halo Infinite. Players wanting to play old maps on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S can still do so through Halo: The Master Chief Collection.