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Following the success of Hammerting in Steam Early Access, this dwarven mining simulation is gearing up for a full PC release this autumn.

Hammerting, a mining simulator that we had mentioned before here on Game Freaks 365, comes from Team17 and Warpzone Studios. The full release is coming out soon. Aside from that news, the Epic Crafting Update went live today. It brings a slew of new content, including armor and rings, lanterns, expensive epic level goods, an upgrade to Mountain Lore, and a slew of other new stuff waiting to be discovered.

A bunch of Dwarves mining

Hammerting follows a dwarven society as they explore, construct, create, and mine to expand their fortress. From humble beginnings with a few dwarves, they expand their base to unprecedented depths beneath the mountain range, sending precious minerals, weapons, and supplies to the surface.

Hammerting has undergone a slew of upgrades over the past ten months in Steam Early Access, all of which have been built on a solid basis. As previously stated, the Epic Crafting Update adds a significant amount of new content to the game’s Early Access edition.

Previous upgrades have included the Fluids Update, which added lava and water to the dwarves’ cavernous surroundings, as well as new tavern and beverage recipes, materials, and knowledge. The Overworld Update revamped the Overworld with randomly generated factions, places, and highways. The Automation Update in June simplified dwarven efficiency and included a victory condition that pushes players to show their dwarven mining skill.

Release date

Hammerting is currently available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. Its full launch on PC is set for November 16.

Watch the Hammerting release date trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V2fxuQimRM&w=1280&h=721]

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