Handball 21 launches on November 12

Handball 21

Fans of handball will soon have a new video game option for playing the sport. Handball 21 debuts on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 12. And just in time for launch, Nacon and Eko Software are out with a new gameplay trailer.

“The video highlights three fundamental aspects of Handball 21, which fans of the sport will love,” Nacon says. “For the first time, motion capture was used in the graphical overhaul of the animations. The stars of handball and their movements are now much more realistic.”

“The gameplay has also been redesigned to add more depth to the game. For offensive play, you can now easily switch your tactics and set plays with the directional buttons. In defense, you will need to control the whole defensive line and be alert to prevent your opponent from scoring,” the company adds.

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The game features licensed teams and players, including players from eight European leagues. In total, there are 129 teams to play as, as well as nearly 2,300 officially-licensed players. Nicolas Karabatic and Fabian Wiede – who play for PSG and Füchse Berlin, respectively – are the game’s ambassadors.

In terms of game modes, you can expect several of them. In ‘My Squad,’ you can customize your players’ and team’s equipment. ‘Solo’ mode lets you play as your customized team and manage recruits. There’s ‘Championship’ mode, which lets you play through an entire season. Lastly, there are both local and online multiplayer.

Check out the gameplay trailer below!

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