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Handy Games reveals a new trailer for A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home

A Rat's Quest: The Way Back Home

Climb, jump, crawl, slither, sneak, and explore a world through the perspective of a small rat in A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home.

After two long years of development, Handy Games and The Dreamerians have broken through the fog of information surrounding their upcoming game, A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home. Mat the rat, the protagonist of the wonderfully animated and fully spoken action-adventure A Rat’s Quest, testifies in a newly released video about what truly happened to him and how he’ll discover his true love on his long journey back home.

Explore the world in Mat’s shoes

Mat is a young male rat that lives in an abandoned wine cellar with his closest friend Toby and other rodents in a rat commune. After falling in love with Nat, a female house mouse kept as a pet on the upper floors, he chooses to become a Scavenger in order to legally sneak to his lover.

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Because they come from different worlds, they devise a strategy to escape to “the outside” together. His arrogance, on the other hand, puts them in danger, and not everything in the commune is as it appears. Mat finds himself alone and far away from the home as a result of a sequence of unfortunate circumstances. He must return home, conquering a trek through forests, caverns, and marshes while avoiding the overwhelming threat of a flying, venomous, and scale-bond species.

Mat will confront an unfriendly world with a rivet for a sword and nails as throwing daggers. A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home is planned to be released on PC via Steam, but no official release date has been announced. Nonetheless, you may add the game to your wishlist right now.

Watch the new trailer of A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home down below!