Haustoria is a hand-drawn 2D puzzle platformer launching today on Switch


Go through Antares Games’ new harsh adventure, and face various tough challenges and weird cosmic creatures in Haustoria.

Brent Jones from Antares Games, in collaboration with Red Deer Games, announced today that his new title, Haustoria, is launching today on the Nintendo Switch. Haustoria is a 2D puzzle platformer that offers players innovative gameplay mechanics and interesting hand-illustrated graphics.

Start your journey in the harsh realm of Haustoria

Haustoria has a one-of-a-kind “thumbtack” mechanism in which players may pin and unpin game items in the environment. Players will advance by solving riddles with the magical thumbtack in an unforgiving, hand-drawn picture book universe.

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In Antares’ brand new title, you play as a little kid on a trip through the unusual yet scary realm of Haustoria, attempting to battle ominous cosmic entities. Navigate a weird woodland, investigate a terrible home, crawl through dark caverns, and escape hazardous traps in an old dungeon.

To proceed through the game, use the magical thumbtack method. To navigate along routes, enter difficult-to-reach places, overcome barriers, and solve riddles, pin and unpin game objects.

Haustoria is now available on the Nintendo Switch, with a special launch discount of up to 35% on the Nintendo eShop.

Watch the gameplay trailer of the game down below!

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