The Last of Us HBO Max TV series premiere date announced

The Last of Us new teaser

HBO Max just announced the premiere date for The Last of Us.

Today, The Last of Us HBO Max television series got its premiere date. The series, which HBO Max has produced in conjunction with Naughty Dog, simply conveys the essence of the game.

HBO’s blockbusters have always stood out from the rest. That being said, HBO is not known for making great video game adaptations. Even so, they will be making the most eye-catching video game adaptation in years, a series that in the last few months has raised a lot of speculation among video game fans. We’ll soon see how it turned out.

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A teaser that speaks volumes

HBO, without a doubt, has become the best television producer in the last decade. Great recent works such as Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Euphoria, and even The House of the Dragon have surprised everyone. But, what they are doing with The Last of Us is something incredible.

The Last of Us new teaser

A joint production with Naughty Dog is resulting in a series that will blow many minds. Or this is what we have been able to prove after leaks on Twitter and small clips recently shared by HBO Max. But, surprisingly, today they have shared a new teaser that confirms this statement.

The Last of Us HBO Max series channels the game

In each of the scenes, we can notice the essence of The Last of Us. Even in many of these, we have been able to see adaptations, not only of scenarios but of characters to an incredible level. Even so, it is very difficult to see the teaser without getting out of your mind the appearance of Joel and Ellie – even more so now that the new remake of this masterpiece was recently released.

Even so, it is worth mentioning that the cast of the series was very well done. Adding actors to the cast that share many similarities with the mythical characters of Naughty Dog. Let’s hope to see more content from the series before its release, which is scheduled for January 15, 2023. We are expecting to get up from our chairs and applaud the great work that HBO Max and Naughty Dogs have achieved.

Don’t miss the teaser from The Last of Us HBO Max series below!