HBO Max releases first The Last of Us original TV series trailer

The Last of Us teaser

After many months of leaks on social media, for the first time we have official footage from the upcoming Last of Us TV series.

The arrival of new management at Warner Bros. was very extreme. We saw canceled shows, a merger between their two top streaming services, movies that will never see the light of day, among other things. But, what really worried gamers was The Last of Us series.

In a surprise move, HBO Max has arrived to give a blow on the table. They have unveiled a new teaser with all new content from HBO Max’s originals coming within the next year. And, the icing on the cake, has been a small teaser for The Last of Us series.

A change of directive that managed to create a lot of fear in the fans

The arrival of Discovery CEO and new Warner Bros. president David Zaslav has been a bit of a shake-up. A series of decisions have affected both HBO Max and the Warner Bros. movie universe.

The fear was not about the decision to migrate Discovery+ with HBO Max but about the future of HBO Max Originals. What at first seemed like the merger of Disney+ with National Geographic, ended up being more complicated than imagined. It put the current and future productions of the platform at very high risk.

HBO Max Discovery +

This situation created a lot of negative expectations in the video game industry. By canceling the Batgirl movie shortly after finishing filming, the fear was present about the adaptation of the Naughty Dog game. To clear up many of these unknowns, HBO Max has recently released a video showing all the content coming to HBO Max in the next year.

A small teaser that has raised the hype

HBO’s The Last of Us series has had a production that very little has been known about, but at the same time, too much has been known. This is due to the large number of leaks that have been on social networks of the different sets and actors of the series. It’s something that has been very counterproductive, since many fans of The Last of Us did not agree with the choice of characters.

But, thanks to this new video from HBO Max showing everything that is coming this year for the platform, we got a small teaser of the series. Craig Mazin, director of the Chernobyl docuseries, along with Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dogs, have presented us with an incredible choice of scenes. In them, we can see Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and other characters conveying the same essence as the characters in the game.

A highly detailed adaptation

Scenery, costumes, details, actors’ appearance, everything simply reminds us of The Last of Us. Therefore, if you are a fan of Naughty Dog’s flagship game, it won’t take you 3 seconds to pick up different references.

The Last of Us teaser

YouTube user Cycu1 is a fan of the original The Last of Us released on the PS3. Consequently, he managed to recognize different elements and characters that make a presence in the series and are very well adapted. This is why he has published a video of just over two minutes, comparing the scenes of the teaser with scenes from the original game.

As we can see, the production team of the series has done a great job. Not only with the choice of characters, but also with the production of scenarios and photography direction. Still, it’s a very short teaser that has left everyone wanting more.

We still don’t have a release date for The Last of Us. However, it has been confirmed by the production team that it is likely to arrive in 2023. If you are eager to live this story again, remember that on September 2 The Last of Us Part I remake will be released for PlayStation 5, and in the future, it will also come to PC.

Check out the new HBO Max teaser below!

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