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Heaven’s Vault limited edition novels expand game’s narrative

Heaven’s Vault limited editions novels

These novels are perfect for fans of Inkle’s narrative games.

Heaven’s Vault is one of Inkle’s games that has generated the most hype in the genre, thanks to its wonderful story and appealing characters. If you haven’t heard, they also have a two-part novel series based on the tale of Heaven’s Vault in collaboration with Jon Ingold, the writer behind the game’s plot.

For those who are unaware of the game’s plot, it follows archaeologist Aliya Elasra as she travels the Nebula with her robot companion, Six, researching artifacts and interpreting an ancient hieroglyphic language in the hopes of revealing a long-forgotten history. When a prominent roboticist goes missing, Aliya promises to find him, unknowingly embarking on a quest that will lead her to the frontier of her planet and to the ancient mystery of the Vault of Heaven.

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These limited-edition novels reimagine the game’s story in one of its possible paths, adding new characters, locations, and twists to surprise readers who have already played the game while spinning an engrossing science-fiction epic for those new to this universe and the forgotten language of the Ancients. In addition to diving into the secrets of the Nebula, the story of heroine Aliya Elasra and her robot companion, Six, is explored.

Each novel is just more than 300 pages long. They are currently available at the inkle shop for 12.99 GBP in paperback and 17.99 GBP in hardcover.