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Hell Let Loose finally gets version 1.0

Hell Let Loose version 1.0

After a year in Early Access on PC, the epic 50 versus 50 strategic multiplayer shooter Hell Let Loose has received version 1.0.

Hell Let Loose, a World War II strategic squad shooter from Team 17 and Black Matter, is now available on Steam. After less than a year in Early Access and ten upgrades, Hell Let Loose releases version 1.0, which includes furious 50 vs. 50 action spread over 11 maps that faithfully portray some of the war’s most significant and renowned engagements on both the Western and Eastern Fronts.

Hell Let Loose opens up the horrors of the Eastern Front

Each of the new and vast landscapes – from the yellowing meadows of the Russian Steppe in Kursk to Stalingrad’s shattered urban desolation – offers gaming experiences that contrast not just with one another but also with the previously published Western Front locations. The new maps allow newbies and Hell Let Loose‘s already enthusiastic community of over a million gamers to create new tactics and tackle new difficulties.

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The game has undergone significant changes since its inception. Despite the fact that a year and a month is a long time to be in Early Access, the Black Matter team has not stopped adding new content, improving the gaming experience, and transforming Hell Let Loose into what it is now.

“After two years in Steam Early Access that’s seen ten major content updates, overhauls, and improvements to every major system imaginable, it is hugely exciting to finally launch Hell Let Loose on PC,” Said Max Rea, Studio Head and Lead Designer from Black Matter.

“Today doesn’t mark the end of the road, however; it’s merely the end of the beginning. We have big plans to continue building Hell Let Loose as an evergreen title for years to come, and we look forward to bringing this authentic World War II experience to new generation consoles later this year,” Rea adds.

Hell Let Loose is available on PC for $39.99. The 1.0 version is now available completely free on Steam for those who already purchased the game.

Watch Hell Let Loose trailer down below

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