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Hell Let Loose will arrive at next-gen consoles this fall

Hell Let Loose next-gen consoles

Black matter’s World War II realistic shooter will take advantage of all the power of the new generation for a total immersion in the war scenarios.

With Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 on the horizon, the FPS scene has been dominated by these two AAA titles, but behind them is a behemoth about to reach the next generation of consoles, and it looks fantastic, as we’ve previously covered on Game Freaks 365.

Hell Let loose, a new WWII simulator FPS from Team 17 and Black Matter, will be launched in October for next-generation platforms. Following a spectacular PC debut that drew thousands of players every day on streaming platforms for its genuine and immersive front-line experience.

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50 vs. 50 Second World War strategic squad shooter.

Despite the fact that Black Matter is a tiny indie studio, they did not scrimp on Hell Let Loose, which is one of the few FPS games presently providing dynamic gameplay with up to 50 players per side. The updated version for next-generation consoles will be released at the same time as Cross-play capability.

Cross-play will let current PC players to connect with future Xbox or PlayStation console gamers to deliver a realistic and immersive front-line experience of the Western Front across 10 maps and two different game modes: Offensive and Warfare.

Each side of 50 players is divided into armour, infantry, and recon units headed by officers who report directly to an overarching player-commander who directs the course of the game. In addition, fourteen positions are available for gamers to try out, ranging from engineers and snipers to commanders and tank crewmen, medics and support personnel.

PlayStation 5 Beta.

The PlayStation 5 open beta will give a harsh taste of combat as both sides struggle for victory on the Hurtgen Forest map in Warfare mode, with each side starting the battle with half of the area occupied. From there, they must force the resistance back and seize enemy land until they reach their base, or hold the most ground until the timer runs out.

PlayStation 5 users will be asked to participate in an open beta for the game, which will take place between September 16th and September 20th. Hell Let loose is now available on PC via Steam and will be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on October 5th.

Watch the release date trailer of Hell Let Loose here at Game Freaks 365.