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Hello Engineer out now exclusively on Google Stadia

Hello Engineer

Wait but… He looks a lot like the creepy and crazy neighbor from that other game…

Hello Engineer, a new Google Stadia exclusive game, was released today. This new game is situated in the same world as the award-winning title Hello Neighbor, which is why we recognize a character from another of Tiny Build Riga’s past titles, both in look and mentality.

Once again we will have to face our neighbor

Up to four pals may join up in this multiplayer puzzle game to take on the neighbor and his mechanical inventions. Create unusual cars and combat machines to explore the Golden Apple Amusement Park, learn its mysteries, and escape.

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Gather and unlock mechanical components ranging from engines to battery packs, drive shafts, and jet turbines. Complete incomplete gadgets in instructional missions before solving your difficulties with brand-new ideas created using a sophisticated building interface. Roll, soar, or bounce your way to victory; any machine that accomplishes its goal is a good design.

Different game modes with a new story

Hello Engineer has a 20+ mission story set across three drastically different theme park landscapes, a sandbox mode, and a PvP arena for creative minds to play with. Work alone or with partners to solve the riddles of narrative mode utilizing totally custom-built machines, then gear up your inventions for a fight in brain-bruising boss bouts.

Something we will notice in this title that distinguishes it from Hello Neighbor is that if we want to construct without being overwhelmed by the presence of the neighbor, players may unwind in the sandbox and build without limits. Not only that but if you want to see who your friends or other players think is the best engineer, take it to the PvP arena and compete against everyone.

Hello Engineer is now available on Google Stadia for $19.99. It’s also included for free with Stadia Pro.

Watch the launch trailer down below!