Help Us Reach 1,000 Members; Prizes for Referals

Just a reminder to those that haven’t read. We’re giving away prizes on the forums if you refer someone to our site, and they join in the next 10 hours. The forums have served an important part in our GCN, PC, PS2, Xbox, DS, PSP, and old-school community. Click this link for full details.

Tonight, I hope to reach 1,000 forum members, less than a year before we created them. With your help, we can easily do this. August 18th, 2004 was our official launch of the new forum, but I want to beat it by one day. Which gives us less than 10 hours. If you haven’t yet joined the forums, please do so now. If you’re already a member, invite friends; do whatever it takes to help us reach a milestone!

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