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Here are July’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Here are July's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Every month Xbox Game Pass showers perks on subscribers.

This month’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks are now available in everything from FIFA 22 to Fall Guys. We have a summary of all of the perks below!

Fall Guys: Robo Rabbit Costume (Available Now)

Battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors, and overcome the unbending laws of physics as you stumble towards greatness. Hop your way towards the Crown as Robo Rabbit, the adorable android bunny! 

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FIFA 22: Supercharge Pack (Available Now)

Boost your Ultimate Team with the Supercharge Pack, featuring 10 players rated 80 or above and a choice of one of four Team of the Season Loan Players rated 95 and above for five games to help you dominate on the pitch!

MLB The Show 22: Summer Bundle (Available July 12)

Celebrate summer at the ballpark! The MLB The Show 22 Summer Bundle is here, with one Diamond Cover Athlete choice pack, one Diamond Ballplayer Pack, and five The Show Packs. That’s 29 total items!

Halo Infinite: Pass Tense Rocket Warthog Bundle (Available July 13)

Customize your Season 2: Lone Wolves arsenal with the exclusive “Pass Tense” Rocket Warthog Vehicle Coating, four 2XP Boosts and four Challenge Swaps!

Century: Age of Ashes – Krød Slaglands Dragon Bundle (Available July 14)

Unleash the dragons for Season 1! Claim your Krød Slaglands dragon, Armour, Player Icon and XP Booster.