Here are the Nintendo Switch Sports in-game rewards for the week of June 23

This week’s in-game rewards are now available in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo has announced what’s coming to the item section this week within Nintendo Switch Sports. This week’s collection is available now through July 13 at 10:00 p.m. PT.

What are this week’s in-game items?

Each week has new in-game items. Here are this week’s items.

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Completion bonus: Bowling Set


  • Polka-Dot Ribbon (Yellow)
  • Big Earrings
  • Bowling Paint
  • Octagonal Glasses (Silver)
  • Stretchy Mask (Blue)

Eye Color

  • Yellow

Bowling Gear

  • Tricolor Bowling Ball

Chambara Gear

  • Classic Sword


  • Joy Face
  • Surprised Face

Titles 1

  • Bowling
  • Strike
  • Pins
  • Ball

Titles 2

  • Airborne
  • Fighter
  • Eternal
  • Rival

How to earn in-game items

New to the game? No worries!

As you play Nintendo Switch Sports as part of random matchmaking competitions online, you’ll earn points. These points can then get redeemed for a selection of rotating outfits, accessories, gear, and customization options. The selection changes every week, so check back in the game regularly for more content.

Online gaming on the Nintendo Switch requires an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.