Pokémon Presents
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Here’s what we learned from today’s Pokémon Presents

Pokémon Presents

The name of the new region, new Pokémon, updates on the new games, and much more was brought for us during this Pokémon Presents.

As previously announced here on Game Freaks 365, The Pokémon Company announced a new Pokémon Presents. It’s a surprise announcement that raised great speculation in the community since it could be a big announcement of the franchise or continue to give information about Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

Today, this Pokémon Presents had its place. Despite the high expectations, the focus of this presentation was on the new titles announced for this year. Therefore, here at Game Freaks 365, we bring you all the information summarized in this new presentation.

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Paldea and the new “legendary” mounts

Despite having already revealed many game details, The Pokémon Company together with Game Freak has shared more information about their upcoming games: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. We already met the starters, the legendaries, new game modes, and the continuation of the gyms. But, isn’t there something important missing? The name of the region!

Pokémon Presents

Paldea is this new region based on the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal). It’s a region that will offer us different ecosystems where we will be able to visit them thanks to the new mounts: the Legendary Pokémon! Yes, you read correctly. Each player (depending on the version of the game you buy) will be accompanied in his adventure by Miraidon or Koraidon. They will transform into mounts for each terrain allowing you to explore Paldea in a unique way.

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Whether you go by land, air, or water, Miraidon and Koraidon will adapt to the terrain. It’s a unique mechanic where not only will they be mounts, but they also let you know that you can use them for certain battles.

Pokémon academy, new Pokémon, and more

Players in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will not have an adventure similar to the previous games. Players will be part of the Pokémon Academy where there is an important project to complete: A Treasure Hunt. While fulfilling this project, we will witness not one, not two stories… but three stories! The first one is the classic one surrounding Pokémon gyms. The other two stories we don’t know anything about. The Pokémon Company has reserved these two stories to surprise us at the launch of the game.

Pokémon Presents

In addition, we will meet different characters in our adventure. Apart from Professor Sada and Professor Turo, we will also have characters like Clavell, Jacq, Nemona, Arven, Penny, and many more who will accompany us on this adventure. Besides, in Paldea we will find not only known Pokémon but also Paldean Forms and new Pokémon. One of these Pokémon Paldean Form is Wooper, which is possibly a poisonous earth type.

Among the new Pokémon, we have Fidough, Cetitan, and many more that we can find in this new region. These new Pokémon, as well as the Pokémon we already know, will be part of a phenomenon called Terastal. The Terastal phenomenon will make your Pokémon shine like crystals and make certain special attacks stronger. Also, in some cases your Pokémon can change type, giving a lot of gameplay variety in Pokémon battles.

Added to this, we will have different multiplayer modes where we can share our adventures with friends. Multiplayer modes where they resume the mechanics of getting some Pokémon exclusively by transferring them. Enjoy Paldea with your friends, completing the Pokédex!

Pokémon Championship, first anniversary of Pokémon Unite, and other Pokémon game announcements

The Pokémon Championship will be held in London this month. This worldwide event will gather Pokémon fans to find out who is the best trainer in different titles of the franchise. For the first time, Pokémon GO will be part of the line-up of games available at the event. All championship battles, as well as Pokémon game information slots, will be streamed on Pokémon’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Pokémon Presents

Also, they have celebrated the first anniversary of Pokémon Unite. This Pokémon-themed MOBA has been a big hit with Pokémon fans. In celebration of the milestone, new Pokémon, features, mechanics, events, and more will be added to the game.

Another game that will be receiving content is Pokémon Café ReMix. This casual Pokémon game is receiving the legendary Mewtwo in a special event. Through this event, players can make Mewtwo part of their cafe’s staff. The event will take place from today until August 12.

All this information and much more was shared by The Pokémon Company during today’s presentation. For those who haven’t yet marked their calendars for upcoming Pokémon releases, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be released this November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the full Pokémon Presents below!