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Heroes of the Dark is a fantasy strategy RPG with vampires and werewolves

Heroes of the Dark

Heroes of the Dark unites humans, vampires, and werewolves to save Tenebris.

Heroes of the Dark, a new dark fantasy strategic RPG from Gameloft, is now available for mobile devices and PC. It is described as an innovative online strategic RPG that blends AAA production quality, a diverse and rewarding cast of heroes, and a persistent universe.

Only together can the races save the world

Heroes of the Dark is set in the fantasy realm of Tenebris. Heroes and supernatural creatures must set aside their differences to combat a vast evil that threatens them all.

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“A fang-tastic new IP featuring a unique blend of Strategy & RPG DNA, top-tier production value, and a rich universe to get lost into, Heroes of the Dark is our most ambitious midcore title yet, and we’re incredibly excited to bring it to players worldwide,” said Damian Damianov, Game Manager for Heroes of the Dark.

Vampires, werewolves, and humans band up to fight the wicked High Council, commanded by Albus, the Vampire Emperor, in Heroes of the Dark. Players will select unique Heroes from each faction from his mythical Manor, strengthen them, immerse themselves in their stories, and tactically construct squads for real-time 5v5 fights.

Only by working together will they be able to seize the ultimate source of power, the Heart of Tenebris, and bring Humans, Vampires, and Werewolves together in harmony. Heroes of the Dark is now free to download on iOS and Android devices as well as PC via Microsoft Store.

Watch the launch trailer of the game down below!