Hi-Rez Studios implements new work-from-anywhere policy

Hi-Rez Studios office

Hi-Rez Studios is implementing a new remote work policy that allows its creative professionals to work from wherever they feel most productive. Will it become the standard across the video game industry?

According to the developer, the new program – called Creativity Unchained – allows and encourages over 80 percent of Hi-Rez Studios employees to work remotely. Employees can work from most locations in the US or UK. The company says that they are hoping to expand the program across Europe as well.

“The pandemic has taught us new ways to work that we believe are superior to our previous way of operation,” said Stewart Chisam, CEO of Hi-Rez Studios. “This is a talent-based business, and we want to meet the best talent where they are as we build a culture of freedom and responsibility for our creative staff so we can achieve victory, together.”

Who qualifies?

The program extends to both high-performing, existing Hi-Rez Studios employees and new job openings. Most jobs will allow fully flexible work options, letting most employees decide their work location and mix of office to remote hours.

Hi-Rez Studios will retain its main US office in Alpharetta, Georgia and a UK office in Brighton, England for employees who prefer to work in an office setting. Both offices will be retrofitted, “optimizing for maximum employee and team flexibility” to accommodate in-person programs and social events even for remote employees.

“We want to offer employees a great balance between work and life, while also offering the best opportunities to create great games with amazing people, sharing their creative work with tens of millions of players across the globe,” Chisam adds. “Our games are global, and we should be as well.”

Hi-Rez has five studios

Hi-Rez Studios is the company behind games like Smite, Paladins, Realm Royale, and Rogue company. They have 435 employees and five game development studios in the US and UK. The studios include Titan Forge Games, Evil Mojo Games, Red Beard Games, First Watch Games, and Alacrity Arthouse.

The company currently has more than 50 positions available in a wide range of roles. To see available job opportunities, visit hirezstudios.com/careers.

My Take

Will this work-from-anywhere approach become standard practice across the video game industry? It’s possible. Companies are going to find it increasingly difficult to deny employees this kind of flexibility as other industries adopt this approach. That said, I can see large companies pushing back if they want to maintain the old company culture.

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