Hidden Hunter launches in Roblox

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Hidden Hunter launches within Roblox

Hidden Hunter is out now as a new game within Roblox.

Indie developer North Sea Games is releasing their first game, Hidden Hunter, on Roblox today.

Hidden Hunter is a game where you must hunt down other players while remaining undetected within the crowds of clones wandering the map. Use your skills to gain an edge over your rivals and become the greatest assassin of all,” North Sea Games says.

Players are assigned contracts to hunt down and eliminate other players. However, they must be wary, as others on the map will have been assigned to eliminate them as well.

North Sea Games was accepted into the Spring 2022 Cohort for the Roblox Accelerator Program, giving them access to powerful tools and insight from the Roblox Developer Relations team. You can find it on the Roblox Store.

Watch a trailer for the game below!