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Hidden object game NYAF out now on PC


The hand-painted hidden object game NYAF is out now on PC via Steam.

NYAF is meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. It features music and sounds recorded by the developer, his son, and a friend.

The backgrounds and the characters of NYAF are all hand-painted and unique. Some are scanned from canvas from the artist Sébastien Lesage. The originals on canvas glow in the dark, thus the light green color.

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NYAF is also a different hidden object game, where the engaging music together with the fluid control create a fluid experience,” says Alain Becam. “I tried to make the game very dynamic.”

The pieces of music are from several musicians. They include Chris Huelsbeck, Chan Redfield, Chris Collins, LiQWYD, Alexander Nakarada, Jean-Philippe Rameau. Each piece is selected to match the current stage.

This is the second hidden object game that we’ve covered so far this year. The other game, Hidden Through Time, took a similar concept. It’s basically an interactive ‘Where’s Waldo?‘ book.

Watch a trailer for the game below!