Highrise City is a new city builder out now on Steam Early Access and GOG

Highrise City

Highrise City hopes to take city management to another level.

FourExo Entertainment and Deck 13 Spotlight announced today that their new game Highrise City is now available in Early Access on GOG and Steam. This ambitious economics simulation and city builder elevates the city management genre with massive cities, but more significantly, an impressive economic system simulation.

Highrise City is the next step in the evolution of city simulation games. Experience a fresh perspective on the genre, complete with a complex resource-based economic system. Highrise City ingeniously mixes two genres: City Builders and classic Economy & Resource simulation management.

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A game that has been in development for almost a decade

FourExo Entertainment’s ambitious game began as a development effort by a single developer eight years ago. People eventually joined the project with the same clear goal in mind: to redefine the genre by merging a city builder with a sophisticated economy simulation.

Highrise City

The game provides tough gameplay as well as all of the options and tools required to construct a dynamic, breathing city. Take care of your city and watch it develop and thrive into a massive Metropolis with up to 30k structures per city, up to one million residents per city, and, unexpectedly, cities as large as 120 square miles.

Highrise City is now available on Steam and GOG in Early Access. The game is set to get its first update at the end of April, which will include a construction editor to let users take their ideas to the next level.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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