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Hip Announces City of the Dead, Signs Tom Savini

Hip Games today announced their previously unnamed George A. Romero horror game. City of the Dead will be developed by Kuju Entertainment, set in the Romero universe, for the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. The title will be released in the spring of 2006, making it one of the last current-generation titles from Hip.

Tom Savini, star of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’, will cast a role in City of the Dead. His voice and likeness will be used for William “Red� McLean, an ex-law enforcement officer who has survival instincts at his core. Savini’s character will initially provide fire support in the game then be playable, allowing gamers to experience the game through the eyes of Red.

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“I feel like an assassin. I load up my car with my essentials and go off to strange places and kill people, and things…in movies,” said Tom Savini from his Pittsburgh home. “It makes sense for me now to do it in a new strange place….a video game. My first video game and a whole new arena to fulfill my reputation, my legend, as the king of splatter in the bloodiest gore fest in gaming… ‘City of the Dead.'”