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Hit the Dance Pad; DDRE2 Ships

Konami America today announced that Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2 (DDR EXTREME 2), developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2, has shipped to retail stores nationwide. The latest Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) installment not only includes the innovative EyeToy USB Camera support found in the original DDR EXTREME but also features an all-new soundtrack as well as an online component that lets players connect and compete head-to-head for the first time.

PlayStation 2 players can now go online and test their dancing mettle against other DDR fans from around the globe and those looking to tout their dancing prowess will have the opportunity to participate in internet rankings. Exciting new challenges will also be available for download, making the game infinitely expandable.

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“The Dance Dance Revolution series has been consistently recognized for its innovation and engaging gameplay,” said Jason Enos, Product Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment – America. “By adding online gameplay for the first time, we are able bring our fans a DDR experience that is every bit as compelling as the game itself.”