Hogwarts Legacy 4K cinematic trailer released

With just over 20 days until release, Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of Q1 2023.

We have been rigorously tracking Hogwarts Legacy over the past few months. Since its announcement in September 2020, we’ve had our eye on this title because of how promising it looked. Although with what has been shared in recent months, the game has been able to deliver on many elements. It has even fulfilled the shared dream of all Wizarding World of Harry Potter fans: to become a wizard and attend Hogwarts. Therefore, the hype for the game is growing as the days go by. Now we have a Hogwarts Legacy 4K cinematic trailer!

To calm the waters a bit, Portkey Games has unveiled a new cinematic trailer of Hogwarts Legacy that prepares players for the February 10 release. But, instead of calming the waters, they have simply managed to further increase the hype for the game among fans and non-fans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Less than a month to launch!

Even if you don’t like fantasy, you know how important the Harry Potter movies and books have been to the world. Not only were they a sensation among different audiences, but they are also a benchmark in the industry. For this reason, almost all the video games inspired by this universe have been a success on consoles. But, what Portkey Games seeks to achieve simply does not make sense.

Hogwarts Legacy brings to the forefront what every Harry Potter fan has dreamed of at some point: becoming a wizard. Thus, they bring us an RPG based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The game gives us the opportunity to live an adventure as if we were a student – from putting on the old hat and choosing your house, to defeating all those wizards who use the dark arts to do harm.

As we have noted, they have left out critical elements like Quidditch. Nonetheless, Hogwarts Legacy could be the definitive game based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As such, Portkey Games today released a new 4K cinematic trailer. With it, they seek to confirm that the game is the adventure we all have wished for when playing a Harry Potter video game.

Even so, we will have to wait until February 10 to try this incredible title. In the meantime, we can enjoy this new cinematic trailer and the past extensive gameplay trailers released by Portkey Games.

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