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Hogwarts Legacy does not have playable Quidditch matches

Hogwarts Legacy

There’s no Quidditch, but players will still be able to fly freely in their Nimbus 2000.

After the gameplay trailer seen last March at the State of Play presentation, everyone was impressed with Hogwarts Legacy. Recently, WB Games revealed several trailers showing more about the game, which has created a big question from the community: Will it be possible to play Quidditch?

The team at Avalanche Software, developers of Hogwarts Legacy, has answered this question. Unfortunately, Quidditch will not be playable in Hogwarts Legacy. However, rumors say that it could be added in the middle of next year as a DLC.

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Despite all the good, there is always something bad

Let’s not deny it, Hogwarts Legacy surprised everyone – both fans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and those who are not. After its announcement almost two years ago, which we covered here at Game Freaks 365, the arrival of this RPG has been a long time coming. So when not only its previous delay to 2022 was announced but the recent delay to February 2023, it was not negative but quite the opposite. It has made the hype grow even more.

Video after video shared by WB games answered all the questions asked by the community. Exploration, RPG elements, connection between players, scenarios, depth of gameplay, everything has been answered through the trailers. They even showed us flying with brooms. Something that will allow exploration to be more fluid.

But, knowing about the brooms, an important confirmation was missing: Quidditch. If you know Harry Potter, you will know very well what Quidditch is. This sport of the wizarding world is a favorite among fans who look forward to the game. But, despite all the good that the game brings, there is always something bad that comes to light. In this case, there will be no playable Quidditch.

The Avalanche Software team has confirmed this through the FAQ section of the game’s website. In a clear and concise way, they answer: “Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy. However, broom flight for traversal and broom race challenges are part of the game”.

Thus, it is confirmed that we will not have this iconic sport in Hogwarts Legacy… or will we?

A possible appearance through DLC

After the appearance of this answer from Avalanche, rumors about the inclusion of Quidditch began to emerge. However, prior to this, Quidditch was already rumored to be coming via DLC. This DLC would have possibly arrived in the middle of next year, but the delay of the game until February has practically faded the rumor.

Likewise, leakers and fans continue to comment that a Quidditch DLC could arrive sometime next year. It should be noted that these are all rumors and nothing has been confirmed. If confirmed in the future, we can boast that Game Freaks 365 was one of the first to report on it. While we dream about this confirmation, we are anxious to try everything that Hogwarts Legacy will bring us on February 10, 2023.