Hogwarts Legacy Dates
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Hogwarts Legacy file size, pre-load date, and launch gameplay trailer revealed

In addition, a new launch trailer has been released today giving us an introduction to the story we will experience.

Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software are doing everything right to publicize Hogwarts Legacy. Harry Potter fans and non-fans alike are thinking about getting their hands on the game. So, today we bring you some great news that everyone is eager to know: the Hogwarts Legacy file size and preload dates!

Get your PS5 ready

As we’ve said before here at Game Freaks 365, Hogwarts Legacy fever is on fire! After all the cinematics, and extended gameplay released by Warner Bros. Games, the hype for the game just keeps growing. So, with the release date just around the corner, many gamers want to know how much the game weighs and when they will be able to download and play it!

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Through the Twitter account PlayStationSize, today we have learned these three important facts about Hogwarts Legacy. The game will be available for download from February 5 if you own the Deluxe Edition. If you bought the Standard edition, you will have to wait until February 8 to download it. In either of these editions, the confirmed download size is 79.543 GB. So yeah, it’s a big download.

Hogwarts Legacy file size, pre-load date, and launch gameplay trailer revealed

Once the game is downloaded to your PS5, you will have to wait until February 7 if you got the Deluxe edition. For players with the Standard edition, you will be able to play the title on February 10. Although these dates sound far away, we will all be able to live our adventures in Hogwarts in less than a week and a half.

An introduction to the new story that awaits us

In addition to the release dates and download size of the game, Warner Bros. Games released a new trailer today. In past videos released by the publisher, we have seen in-depth gameplay of the game. But today they have given a little twist showing us small fragments of the story that we will be able to live in Hogwarts Legacy.

Added to this, we can see in greater detail certain areas of the school. Something that die-hard fans of the Harry Potter universe will love. Plus, it’s the perfect way to get your hopes up for this title that has become the most wish-listed game on Steam.

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