Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod released

From the same creators of Skyrim Together Reborn comes a mod that solves the lack of Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer.

After the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the comments among players varied a lot. Although there are many things to criticize in the game, there is one thing that is repeated among all the opinions of the players: the lack of multiplayer modes within the game to live the adventure with your friends. But, a group of modders already recognized among the players, have brought a great solution to the problem: a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod!

HogWarp, an amazing mod made by part of the team behind Skyrim Together Reborn, is under development. The long-awaited multiplayer mode that so many players want in Hogwarts Legacy will arrive thanks to this mod, and it is even one of the first technical mods to add new sequences, animations, and game modes to the Warner Bros. Games title.

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An incredible looking mod

In the last few days, a tidal wave of funny mods has hit the internet. From turning your character into a house gnome to turning your wand into a gun! But despite this, we have yet to see any technical mods that add new content to the game, such as quests, game modes, or even new items to the game.

Well, this has come to an end after the new project of Yamashi, a developer and modder recognized among the Skyrim community. This modder belonged to the group behind the renowned Skyrim Together Reborn, a high-quality mod that allows two players to experience Skyrim‘s story together. Therefore, as a lover of open-world games, Yamashi has undertaken a new project: to create a mod for Hogwarts Legacy.

This project, named HogWarp, seeks to bring the same mechanics of the Skyrim mod to Hogwarts Legacy. And boy, has he succeeded! As we can see in the small video shared on YouTube, we see how characters from different players subsist in the same game.

From sharing quests, supporting each other when defeating bosses, or sharing equipment with each other. HogWarp seeks to improve the experience of those players who long to live the adventure with friends. Although the final version is not out, early access was released on Patreon.

Haven’t seen the mod yet? Check out this video!